Monday, August 29, 2011

Studio assignment.

1. Why do you make art?
I make art because I have always liked being able to express myself with more than just words. Even with my poetry, which is words obviously, it goes beyond just sentences. Art is an escape from the norm.

2. What is the function or role of an artist in today's culture? (This is your personal take on this, it doesn't have to be an "objective" or comprehensive analysis) I think the role of today's artists are to push people further into realizing the potential of their minds. I think being able to interpret and see something in an image is an important skill that everyone should have. I also think that the role of some artists is just to make pretty-looking things, though.

3. Who are three working artists you can think of, who you might contact to interview about their professional lives? You will only be contacting one, but I want you to have a couple fallback options if your first couple choices end up being unavailable. Brian Turner, Eleanor Brennan, and the curator of Artsy Fartsy Gallery (I'm still trying to find his name).